About the Branch

Carmarthenshire County UNISON Branch is an active, democratic and campaigning Branch.

The main employer we cover is Carmarthenshire County Council but we also have members in Mid and West Wales Fire Authority, private care sector, Rural and town Councils and many others. We have around 4,000 members in our Branch.

We are an open, transparent and democratic Branch that has an annually elected Branch Committee. We want members to be active and involved in the running of the Branch.

We regularly hold members meetings and urge members to become reps and stewards and we support them in these roles. We in particular want women who make over 70% of UNISON to get more active.

We also encourage members to get involved in setting up and organising Self Organised Groups (SOG’s) these are for women members, black members, LGBTQ+ members and disabled members.

We are fighting for the future of Local Authority and the Private Sector. We will always urge members to defend these services, jobs, terms and conditions. We will not agree to any policy that makes you our members worse off.

Join with us in defending your jobs, terms and conditions and services. We campaign for the maximum trade unity and fight austerity as part of the strategy to defeat the cuts.

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